Meet Zero and Spring!

Zero is one of the most experienced bed bug dogs in the Puget Sound area. She has been sniffing out bed bugs since she was 2 years old and has been loving it ever since! She’s been responsible for the detection of millions of those little pests over the years and she is eager to continue to build her impressive rap sheet.

Spring has been detecting bed bugs in the Greater Seattle area since 2012, and has proven herself to have an amazingly keen ability to detect even the sneakiest bed bugs. She clearly loves her job, and takes great pleasure at hearing favorite command, “Search!”

Sleep Tight K-9 Inspections is an independent business founded by Autumn Bertulli and Rachel Warner. We are headquartered in Federal Way, Washington. Autumn and Rachel are nationally certified bed bug inspectors with years of experience working as a team with Zero and Spring, helping bring the peace of mind that only a bed-bug-free environment can deliver to families and businesses all around the Puget Sound.